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    4 PORT USB 3.0 HUB


    Add USB 3.0 ports to your computer

    High speed data transfer



    CyberLink Media Suite for DVD

    Power2Go, PowerBackup, LabelPrint included

    Compatible with Windows XP to 10, Mac OS X

    Logitech USB Wireless keyboard and mouse (refurbished)


    English keyboard

    1 usb dongle for both keyboard and mouse

    USB Numeric Keyboard


    Perfect for accounting and other data entry

    On sale refurbished computers, laptops and all-in-one systems.

    GEEP Store offers affordable, high-quality refurbished computers, laptops and other electronic devices. All of our products come directly from business partners and corporate clients.

    You’ll find only trusted brands in our Laval store and on this website. All models have been carefully refurbished by our team and have undergone extensive in-store testing. All are in excellent condition, both technically and in terms of appearance.

    Why buy a low-cost computer?

    • To save money without compromising on reliability and quality
    • For environmental reasons
    • Because these machines will meet your real needs
    Cheap refurbished iMac cheap computerscheap high-end monitorsrefurbished laptops

    Cheap computers, but there’s more.

    If it were up to electronics manufacturers, we’d be replacing our desktops, laptops and tablets every year just to keep up with their rapid rate of new releases.

    But there are endless good reasons to hold onto electronics equipment for several years or longer.

    Aside from the financial cost, which is obviously important for many consumers, our growing environmental awareness should also incite technology buffs to consider refurbished equipment over buying a new model.

    Cheap computers

    Overconsumption and environmental awareness

    With the computer market now firmly in the mature phase, buying a new device usually means discarding older equipment that, although perfectly still usable, may seem obsolete, sluggish or slightly outdated in terms of looks. But these devices deserve a second life.

    All they need is some refurbishing and upgrading with Core I5 processors for under $330 or Core I7 processors for under $400 . Performance at an affordable price!

    Overconsumption and environmental awareness

    This is what GEEP does – it’s our area of expertise.

    Geep is an electronics recycling company that manages the impacts of our information age responsibly.

    75% of adults in Quebec have at least one computer at home.

    Computers are now an inherent part of daily life – not just here in Quebec and Canada, but in much of the world. Today’s technology and operating systems have made computers easy to use and relatively affordable to mass produce.

    • Ironically, many people only use their computer’s basic software: storing photos, word processing, drawing and surfing the web.
    • Even though computer processors can handle massive amounts of data and perform highly complex calculations, for the vast majority of folks this type of capability is rarely needed for their day-to-day computer use. 

    Low-cost laptops on the rise

    According to Cefrio the market for home computers is levelling out. Laptops are now the top choice among consumers and businesses, although both configurations continue to appeal to students, families and businesses.  

    What happens to all those replaced computers?

    A tiny fraction of them find a new home through classified ads. 

    Some are collected by recycling centres (including eco-centres) and then are either disassembled or refurbished by specialists such as GEEP global.

    Sadly, most end up in landfills. 

    Low-cost laptops on the rise

    The issue of recycling

    It’s no secret that computer components contain small amounts of precious metals that are of value to some industrialists. But what many people don’t know is that computers also contain toxic and polluting materials that can wreak ecological havoc if allowed to be released unchecked into the environment.

    The clean and ethical reprocessing of such substances requires complex recycling processes, along with rare expertise and a highly skilled workforce – for which GEEP is a leader in Canada.

    The issue of recycling

    Recycling “old” electronics

    As in many other countries, Canadian law does not require sellers of new electronics devices to take back the old hardware (although some stores will do this). Because of this, the recovery of obsolete devices is not highly developed in our country.

    The two most environmentally-friendly approaches?

    • Take your old devices to specialized collection centres.
    • Use your electronic devices for as long as possible.

    Statistics show that most computers are used only for three years. Based on this fact alone, the better choice would be to focus on systematic recycling.

    Repair, refurbish, renew, reuse

    Prolonging the life of your IT gadgets by refurbishing them is probably the best thing you can do for the environment. And this doesn’t apply solely to desktops, laptops and tablets; phones, tablets, monitors and TV screens should also receive the same treatment.

    Repairing devices that aren’t working properly or taking them to a recycling or refurbishing centre also gives those who are less fortunate a chance to buy them at a lower price, while still knowing that they have plenty to offer in terms of capability and performance.

    We hope you find what you’re looking for on our online store, and be sure to visit us at our boutique in Laval.

    Recycling your old; electronics

    Our eco-certifications

    ISO9001, ISO14001, OSHAS18001 certifications 
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    Why consider buying a refurbished computer?

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