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    Lenovo Thinkpad T420 - i5

    CORE i5-2520M 2.50GHZ
    14" HD DISPLAY

    A cheap laptop that’s as powerful as a new model!

    So your laptop finally died and you need to replace it fast, but don’t have the money to buy a new one?

    Or perhaps you’d like to buy a new machine but are reluctant to fork out that much cash?

    Ever heard of laptop refurbishing?

    It’s is the smartest way to get a laptop that works like new, but for a bargain price! That’s exactly what the GEEP Store is all about!

    GEEP Store: High-quality laptops at low-budget prices 

    Whether it's for work or personal use, notebooks and laptops are a must for most people these days.

    But with so many options to choose from, finding the right model can be tricky.

    There seems to be more and more high-performance computer brands out there each year, but not everyone is willing or able to spend that much money on a machine.

    At GEEP Store, we offer cheap laptops that are often just as powerful as their counterparts straight from the manufacturer’s plant.

    Chances are you’ll find the exact model you need from among our huge selection of products.

    Looking for a compact yet powerful computer for work? You’ll love our wide selection of Lenovo machines and our many Dell models.

    More of the traditional type? You’ll appreciate the reliability of our HP products.

    Fan of sleek design? You’ll be amazed by our many Apple products.

    Browse our online store or come and see us in person at 2995 Le Corbusier Boulevard in Laval.


    The GEEP Store promise: The best quality AND the best price 

    Think you have to spend a fortune to get a quality laptop?

    Worried that a used computer won’t offer the same guaranteed performance and reliability as a new model?

    Now you no longer have to compromise price for performance – or the other way around. Buying a fully refurbished laptop from the GEEP Store gives you the best of both worlds!

    At the GEEP Store, we promise that our computers offer the best quality AND the best prices anywhere.

    Thanks to our unique computer updating process, our wide selection of fully refurbished, low-priced laptops have everything a new model has to offer. What’s more, refurbishing gives a second life to still-useful computers that would otherwise be thrown away.

    When you buy a laptop from the GEEP Store, you’re making an environmentally responsible choice that you can be proud of – especially when it gives you access to a huge variety of top brand-name computers at incredibly low prices!

    At the GEEP Store, all models are meticulously checked and tested before being made available for sale. What’s more, their performance is 100% guaranteed by our experts.

    The highest possible quality and performance at the lowest possible price.

    That’s the GEEP Store promise!

    Laptop refurbishing by the GEEP Store 

    Wondering how we can afford to offer such powerful computers at such low prices? Here’s how:

    The constant steam of new computer products flooding the electronics market makes consumers feel that they’re not keeping up.

    This phenomenon causes many computer owners to replace their machines as soon as a faster, more powerful machine is released – even if their existing machine is more than adequate for their needs.

    Rather than holding onto their machines for a few more years or making a few easy changes to bring their computer’s performance up to the same level as more recent models, many owners simply choose to get rid of their machines instead.

    As a result, the vast majority of these discarded machines can easily be recycled, repaired and revamped to become virtually brand-new machines.
    Which is exactly the GEEP Store’s mission!

    Our computer refurbishing experts are driven by a desire to give computers that are still far from being obsolete a second life. We know the laptops we recover like the back of our hands. We know exactly how to repair and refresh them so that they look and run just like they did the day they were shipped by the manufacturer.

    Computer refurbishing consists in replacing defective parts with new and often more powerful parts and restoring the entire machine from A-to-Z so that it runs just like a brand-new laptop model.

    Through refurbishing, we can offer cheap yet powerful machines to people with limited funds. It also allows us to pursue ongoing ecological efforts by adequately recycling laptops, which are far too often recycled improperly – something that can be extremely polluting to the environment. 

    Curious about our refurbishing methods and our daily efforts to protect the planet?

    Visit our blog

    GEEP Store: We have your next laptop in stock! 

    Like the GEEP Store promise?

    You’re not alone. The values of the GEEP group are extremely important to us and to our customers, who are thrilled to have access to low-priced laptops while also making eco-responsible choices.

    When it comes to buying a cheap laptop computer that’s as powerful as a new model, the GEEP Store is your trusted source.

    We know all the leading brand-name models that we sell inside and out, and we have perfected the refurbishing process of these machines. It’s the reason why we can offer the best computers at the best prices!

    Our site is full of great deals, ready to be shipped quickly straight to your home. See our shipping and return policies to find out more!

    GEEP Store has what you’re looking for! 

    Having trouble finding the exact laptop you’re looking for among our wide selection?

    Fear not. Our boutique is brimming with a variety of computers that will meet your needs.

    Check out our many all-in-one computers or one of our recycled monitors so that you can do even more with your new purchase.

    You can also find the machine you need from among the top brands we offer at unbeatable prices:

    Still can’t find the right laptop? Visit our site regularly to see our New arrivals!

    And if you have any questions about our refurbishing process or the products available on our site, contact us to speak with a GEEP Store expert. We’re always happy to help.

    You can also visit us in our Laval boutique:

    GEEP Store Boutique

    2995 boulevard Le Corbusier, Laval QC H7L 3M3