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    HP 6300 Pro - i5


    CORE i5-3470 3.20GHZ




    HP Elitebook 8470p - i5


    CORE i5-3320M 2.60GHZ



    WEBCAM / USB 3.0


    14" HD DISPLAY

    HP Z420 Workstation


    XEON E5-1603 2.8GHZ




    NEW OPEN BOX with keyboard, mouse and documentation

    HP 8300 Elite - i7


    CORE i7-3770 3.40GHZ




    Cheap and recycled HP computers from GEEP Store

    Want to buy an HP computer in order to get the best possible quality, but don’t want to spend a small fortune on computer equipment?

    Want to do what’s right for the environment?

    Take a look at what recycling and refurbished HP computers can do for you!

    At GEEP Store, we offer a huge selection of cheap recycled HP computers.

    Read on to see why the only difference between our completely refurbished HP models and those straight from the manufacturer’s plant is their price. At GEEP Store, you get equivalent power and performance – but for much less!

    GEEP Store recycles your HP computer and makes it like new

    Thanks to our expert refurbishing process, GEEP Store is able to offer like-new HP computers at incredibly low prices.

    We are committed to selling recycled HP computers that meet all refurbishing standards and regulations. No matter how high your expectations are, you’ll be amazed by the performance and reliability of our recycled computers.

    All of our refurbished HP computers are 100% tested and guaranteed. In fact, we can confidently state that new HP computers from electronics stores have nothing over the HP computers recycled by our experts – except for a higher selling price.

    You’ll find on our online HP boutique a wide variety of models such as the HP Pro 6300, guaranteed for 90 days for under $300.


    Or come and visit us at our Laval store. We’d be more than happy to explain our method of refurbishing HP products.

    Why buy HP products? 

    The Hewlett-Packard brand, commonly known as HP, is a leading U.S. company in the electronics and computing industry. For decades, HP has been famous for its high-quality products, ranging from its software to its highly popular laptops and, of course, printers.

    HP is now one of the 40 largest companies in the world and the biggest computer manufacturer on the planet.

    HP is especially known for building computers of undeniable quality. Models from HP also boast an exceptional price/quality ratio.

    How does GEEP Store recycle HP products?

    We follow the same refurbishing process for HP products as we do for most other PCs. Here is our process, step-by-step, so that you can see the quality of the computer recycling done by our teams and its positive impacts for the environment:

    • We collect the electronic device and bring it to our warehouse.
    • There, we recover all parts from the computer or device, whether they are still functional or not.
    • We then take all the functional components and use them to improve the performance of used computers.
    • We also recover all the raw materials and use them to refurbish equipment from major brands.
    • We then sell these devices – which are often just as powerful as they were when they first appeared on shelves – but at extra-low prices.

    HP computers at unbeatable prices

    Everyone at GEEP Store firmly believes that no one should have to choose between performance and price when it comes to buying a computer for use at home or at the office.

    These days, computer models from reputable brands like HP are updated on an increasingly frequent basis. Since people are eager to keep up with the latest models, they prematurely discard their still-useful devices, which often end up in the trash. Unfortunately, all these discarded computers are creating significant damage to the environment.

    To the greatest extent possible, GEEP Store recovers the still-functional parts from the HP devices that are brought to us. We put these parts to good use in other machines and properly recycle any parts that are truly obsolete. This allows us to safeguard the environment while also providing customers with computers that are often as good as new, but at much lower prices.

    Because we recycle parts from older computers, we do not need to buy these parts new, which tends to be very expensive.

    The result of all this? Much lower manufacturing costs, which we can pass on to our customers.

    Avoiding negative environmental impacts

    Buying an HP computer at GEEP Store not only means getting a quality product that’s 100% certified and guaranteed; it also means getting a great product at a great price.

    Buying from GEEP Store means more than just saving money, though. New computers aren’t only hard on the wallet; they’re also extremely hard on the environment.

    Whether you’re buying a recycled HP computer, a like-new Apple MacBook, a Lenovo Netbook or a Dell PC, you get to save money while also helping to protect the environment.

    Because recycled computers don’t require new materials, your carbon footprint is significantly reduced. Behind our low-cost computers is an eco-friendly gesture that you can feel good about.

    Practical, affordable and ecological: buy a recycled HP computer

    Now you know why our recycled HP computers offer such unbeatable quality for their price.

    Whether you need a desktop, a good-as-new monitor or an all-in-one computer, you’ll always find what you’re looking for at GEEP Store!

    Guaranteed quality, great prices and good for the environment: these are the 3 main reasons why it makes more sense to buy computer products from GEEP Store.

    Need expert advice on finding the right device? Contact us. We’re here to help!