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    Dell 22" P2212

    1680 x 1050 @ 60Hz
    DVI & VGA

    Buy a cheap recycled monitor. GEEP Store has what you need! 

    Want to buy a cheap monitor that offers decent quality?

    Don’t trust used computer screens?

    Or maybe you’ve never even heard of recycling computer equipment?

    It’s time to get to know the GEEP Store: Our certified refurbishing methods allow us to offer quality computer screens and monitors at low prices!

    Buy a cheap refurbished monitor and save a bundle 

    Looking for a monitor for your desktop? Frustrated by the prices you’re seeing in stores and online?

    At GEEP Store, we offer monitors of the same quality as what you’ll find in the stores and websites of major electronics retailers, but for much less!

    We offer powerful and affordable monitors that are ideal for use at home or at the office. What’s more, our inventory of computer equipment is constantly being replenished.

    You’ll find only the leading brand-name screens on our online store. At GEEP Store, we never compromise on quality, so finding the perfect model for your needs is easy.

    You’ll find high-quality products like the Lenovo 19" Thinkvision LT1952p monitor, guaranteed for up to 90 days! Or the Dell 24" U2410F – a 24 inch screen for under $130!


    Recycling monitors, screens and computers at GEEP Store

    Our approach is simple, but smart.

    We have a vast network of partners, individuals and businesses who bring us their used monitors whenever they upgrade their equipment or have surplus stock. Our experienced team carefully inspects each and every item we receive and recovers every part that can be used to breathe new life into other used computer screens.

    Given the rapid rate at which people and businesses replace their computer equipment these days, a surprisingly large percentage of the products that come into our shop are far from obsolete.

    Regardless, each and every device we receive is thoroughly inspected and tested. Any parts that are unusable are routed to our dedicated team that recycles them according to strict environmental standards.

    Meanwhile, parts that are still usable are forwarded to our used monitor refurbishing experts, who put their extensive know-how to extending the life of the monitors we receive. Among other things, our experts will correct the following:

    • Calibration
    • Brightness & contrast
    • Loose connections
    • Video signal
    • Image sharpness & blur
    • Pixel anomalies
    • And more...

    Regularly refurbishing computer products is at the core of the GEEP Group’s values.

    When you buy from the GEEP Store, you’re also helping to protect the environment.

    Another important advantage of refurbishing is that it gives you access to quality monitors and other computer products at affordable prices. That’s because the cost of recycling and renewing parts is significantly lower than that of building a new product from scratch.

    Interested in learning more about our method of refurbishing and the ecological motivation behind our practices? Visit our blog!

    Affordable quality: Buy a monitor from GEEP Store 

    Think it’s impossible to get computer equipment that runs like new at a bargain price? We respectfully disagree. In fact, it’s the key to the GEEP Store promise!

    When you buy a monitor from us, we guarantee the quality and reliability of your purchase – something you won’t normally get when buying used computer equipment. Even better, you’ll save a bundle compared to buying a new product of equivalent quality fresh from the manufacturer’s plant.

    With GEEP Store, you win on all counts.

    Wondering how we’re able to offer such good quality at such good prices? Keep reading to see another important aspect of the GEEP Store promise...

    The recycling of e-waste: The harsh reality 

    Did you know that between 20 and 50 million metric tons of computer waste are generated globally each year?

    Of this amount, only 12.5% is recycled. And of this, only 29% is recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

    That’s roughly only 105,900 pounds of the total e-waste that’s produced each and every year!

    For us at GEEP Store, these figures are unacceptable – especially now when western consumption habits are being widely scrutinized. We are committed to reducing the amount of e-waste that’s produced each year in two meaningful ways: First, by reusing as many still-usable parts and components as possible. And second, by ensuring that all non-usable parts are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

    GEEP Store has what you need! 

    To sum it all up: If you’re looking for a monitor or computer at a great price but don’t want to compromise on performance, and...
    If you believe that it’s important to make environmentally responsible buying choices...

    Then buying from GEEP Store is the right choice. We’re confident that you’ll find the right recycled monitor for your needs among our huge inventory.

    Our team has perfected the art of refurbishing computer products from all of the leading brands, and we work incredibly hard to offer the very best computer screens at the very best prices.

    While you’re exploring our website, be sure to check out our shipping and return policies: We can deliver your monitor right to your home quickly so that you can start using it in no time!

    Keep in mind that we have more than just quality used monitors. You’ll also find a huge selection of all-in-one computers, laptops and Apple products.

    Have questions about our refurbishing techniques or the products you see on our site? Contact us to speak with a GEEP Store expert. We’re here to help!

    You can also visit us in our Laval boutique: 

    GEEP Store Boutique

    2995 boulevard Le Corbusier
    Laval QC H7L 3M3