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    Used computers: All-in-one PCs at amazing prices 

    Looking to buy a powerful all-in-one computer, but can’t seem to find one that offers decent value for your money?

    GEEP Store is an innovative company that specializes in recycling and refurbishing all-in-one computers that can compete head-to-head with any brand-new model straight from the manufacturer.

    Looking for a practical and powerful model that won’t take up more space on your desk than the screen itself?

    The type of computer that only requires a single connection and no cables other than the one that plugs into the wall?

    GEEP Store has just what you need!

    The top brand-name computers at rock-bottom prices 

    We believe that no one should have to choose between quality and price. That’s why we offer all the top name brands at prices you won’t find anywhere else!

    If you’re a fan of high-powered machines and want reliable technology, then you’ll love our range of Lenovo netbooks and laptops such as the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z all-in-one.

    Our wide range of choices also allows us to offer high-quality computers like refurbished iMacs from Apple, the HP Pro 6300 as well as Dell PCs and laptops.

    As you can see, lower prices don’t always have to mean lower quality and performance! Visit our online refurbished equipment store and see all the models we offer.

    GEEP Store: Economical and ecological 

    Wondering what GEEP Store stands to gain from offering used all-in-one computers (often fully updated) at prices that are so much lower than those of new models found in the big electronics stores?

    Above and beyond our business mission, GEEP Store is proud to help protect the environment and our planet by making concrete efforts to reduce its ecological footprint. Notably, by optimizing the recycling of every used computer component we receive.

    The poor environmental performance of the computer hardware industry 

    You might be surprised to learn that manufacturing computer hardware and peripheral accessories is extremely polluting

    In fact, to make a new all-in-one (including its CPU, screen, keyboard and mouse), it takes an astronomical amount of products with a very high potential for pollution.

    Making a single all-in-one can require:

    • 530 lb of fossil fuel
    • 48 lb of chemical materials
    • The equivalent of more than 33,000 lb of water 

    Although computer recycling initiatives do exist, their statistics are just as alarming.

    • Only 12.5% of obsolete computer parts are recycled.
    • Of this number, only 29% are recycled properly.

    Feel-good prices 

    Buying a refurbished computer at GEEP Store is an eco-responsible choice that will also save you tons of money. Compared to buying a new computer, with GEEP Store, you can save hundreds of dollars and still get a major brand name computer whose performance is guaranteed by certified technicians.

    The great deals at GEEP Store go well beyond our used all-in-one computers. You’ll also find amazing prices on an impressive selection of laptops, desktops, monitors and more – all 100% certified.

    Demystifying the process of refurbishing used computers

    You’re probably wondering how we manage to offer such powerful computers at such great prices. Our concept is surprisingly simple but particularly interesting for our customers.

    We recover old but still useful computer parts from machines brought to us by our partners. We then take these parts and use them to restore used computers. Among other things, recovering computer equipment significantly reduces our environmental footprint. As mentioned earlier, manufacturing new computers from scratch is an extremely polluting process.

    Any parts that can help used computers run like new again are therefore put to good use, while those that are indeed obsolete are carefully recycled according to recommended industry practices.

    Our process for restoring computers includes, among other things:

    • Thoroughly dusting all parts 
    • Replacing any outdated or defective parts
    • Reconfiguring components

    In addition to our eco-responsible recycling of the many components that go into making computer hardware, we make it possible for the general public to buy low-priced used computers that are just as powerful (if not even more so) than those sold in stores at full price.

    GEEP Store: Cheap computers that meet industry standards 

    To be labelled as “refurbished,” each and every computer we sell must first be fully inspected, tested and approved by experienced computer technicians.

    How’s that for reassuring? So why wait to buy a recycled all-in-one?

    Do the right thing for the environment and for your bank account by buying all your computer products from GEEP Store.

    Our online store makes buying the model you’re looking for easy. And our delivery service will bring it right to your door!

    Buying a fully updated used computer on our online GEEP Store will save you time and money; plus you get to do something good for the environment.