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    Quality used computers: Recycled major brands at their best 

    Not sure if you should spend a small fortune on a new, premium-brand computer or save money with a used computer?

    Still wary of recycled computer equipment, but want to change your buying habits for environmental or ecological reasons?

    See all the benefits of buying a second-hand computer that has been carefully recycled and refurbished o you can enjoy high-quality equipment from leading brands at unbeatable prices.
    Get exceptional value for your money with no negative impacts on the environment.

    Get a refurbished computer from the GEEP Store!

    GEEP Store: Quality used computers and brand name models 

    At GEEP Store, we strongly believe that when it comes to computers (and all IT devices for that matter), the most important things are quality, power and performance.

    Customers and users also want equipment that’s fast, efficient and easy to use.

    That’s why we specialize in the resale of fully refurbished and updated computer products from trusted brands known for their powerful top-of-the-line computers:

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    HP 6200 Pro


    CORE i3-2100 3.1GHZ




    Dell Optiplex 990

    CORE i5-2400 3.10GHZ

    Lenovo Thinkcentre M92p


    CORE i5-3470 3.20GHZ




    HP 6300 Pro


    CORE i5-3470 3.20GHZ




    Dell Optiplex 7010

    CORE i5-3470 3.20GHZ

    Low-priced computers from GEEP Store: How does it work? 

    To learn more about GEEP Store’s successful business model and low prices, check out our About Us page or visit our blog. It goes into all the interesting details.

    But the fact is, our concept is very simple: We take more or less “older” used machines and carefully bring them back to peak condition in order to prolong their lifespan.

    Our eco-friendly approach makes it possible for people to buy used computers with the same performance capabilities as a new device, but for a much lower price.

    In fact, because we recover computer parts and restore them, our costs in terms of raw materials are very low. This is the secret to our incredibly low prices.

    Our recover-and-restore approach also has huge positive impacts on the environment as well, particularly when you consider that it takes as much raw materials to build a new computer as it does a new car!

    Recycling computers: How do we ensure quality and performance? 

    Still not convinced that GEEP Store products are reliable?

    We get it. That’s why we are 100% transparent about our approach to refurbishing second-hand computers and how we bring them to a level of performance that can compete with any newer model.

    We painstakingly clean each and every part in the device and optimize performance from A-to-Z (this includes internal components like the CPU, hard drive and RAM). Every step in recycling and refurbishing our computers is done with extreme attention to detail.

    For example, we:

    • Thoroughly analyze the performance of all existing parts
    • Replace all defective parts
    • Reset the memory in the PC or Mac

    In other words, every step is crucial for obtaining the certifications needed to be called a fully refurbished computer!

    Refurbishing: Brand-new used computers 

    Some people are sceptical about computer recycling and are reluctant to buy a second-hand computer. Mainly, they worry that they’ll be disappointed by its quality or that they’ll have to do endless repairs on it. We completely understand.

    That’s why we guarantee that the only difference you’ll see between new computers purchased at a major retailer and those from the GEEP Store will be the purchase price.

    It’s worth knowing that computer refurbishing supports the used computer market and gives a second life to countless computers and parts by making them run like new again.

    What’s more, the recycling of computer parts is carefully monitored and backed by extremely strict checks and guarantees.

    With GEEP Store, you can rest easy knowing that our products are truly on-par with brand-new devices.

    In fact, the performance of our second-hand computers will downright impress you.

    Whether it’s an all-in-one computer or a laptop, you won’t even notice the difference between it and a brand-new model.

    Thanks to the recognized expertise of our refurbishing specialists, you’ll soon even forget that your computer is used!

    GEEP Store computers: the best value for your money 

    When it comes to value, the used market is still, and always has been, the best bang for your buck.

    The used computer equipment market allows people to buy ultra-performance equipment that few could afford to purchase new.

    It’s also an environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible solution that prevents otherwise still useful computers and parts from ending up in the trash.

    The benefits of the second-hand computer market – combined with our highly-efficient refurbishing process – allow us to offer products that are extremely affordable but that boast the same performance and quality of a machine straight from the manufacturer’s plant.

    With GEEP Store, you no longer have to choose between buying an expensive quality computer and a disappointingly inefficient second-hand computer.

    Those days are over thanks to the used computer refurbishing service offered by the GEEP Store experts.

    Still have questions about our used computers?

    Contact us now for more information or to find the computer you need at a price you’ll love.