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    Why consider buying a refurbished computer?

    Why consider buying a refurbished computer?

    Because you get more for your money

    Businesses often replace their computers before they are obsolete. This provides the GEEP Store with the opportunity to purchase quality machines that haven’t lost all their value. Computers used in businesses are commercial models from the best manufacturers that are made to last. These high-end models with only a few years of use, will serve you better than a new computer bought at the same price. You get more for your money.

    Because it is a green choice

    Unfortunately the manufacturing of electronic equipment and activities surrounding it, contribute to the planet’s increasing pollution levels (extraction of raw materials, chemical products, hazardous products). When you buy a refurbished computer, you are helping to slow down the production cycle. Each refurbished computer sold is one less potentially ending up in landfill and one less in production.

    A study from Statistics Canada shows that 23% of Canadian households have a computer that they want to discard. We invite you to bring us your old electronic equipment for recycling. Behind GeepStore, there is Geep Global, the biggest recycling company in Canada. The equipment brought here will be sorted and disassembled into their respective commodities. These raw materials will then be reused in the fabrication of new products and equipment.

    Buying refurbished is a winning option so remember,

    don’t Keep it… GEEP it !

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